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Procurement Graduate Programme (05:35)

Overview – Procurement Graduate Programme

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Guest Blogger

Unlocking young people’s potential

Posted by Abi Robins, Director of CR Programmes

Having attended a recent event about young people and skills, Abi Robins reflects on the role employers can play in helping develop skills and career opportunities young people in Britain deserve.

National Award helps vulnerable community

Posted by Christine Tate, Head of CR

Coming top of the class in CDP

Posted by Ivor Gibbons, CR Manager

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FT European Gas Conference (PDF 0.09Mb)

Sam speaks about the seismic changes in the world of gas. How energy policy has also undergone a massive shift of emphasis over the past decade to become the principle means by which Governments in the developed world seek to tackle the effects of climate change. And if energy policy is to fulfil this role, it must be sustainable, and not just in the environmental sense.

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Energy Choices for the UK

Seeking affordable, secure and sustainable energy supplies

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