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Simon Henderson

British Gas launches first ‘video chat’ for energy customers in the UK

14 February 2012 Posted by Simon Henderson, Corporate Responsibility

In his first guest blog appearance, Charles Breslin, Head of the Leeds Contact Centre for British Gas, discusses the pilot scheme that means British Gas customers are set to be the first in the UK to benefit from online face-to-face customer service, from the comfort of their own home via internet-enabled video calling.


I’m really pleased to be able to tell you about this exciting pilot scheme which is part of our  honest conversation with customers, that we launched at the end of November last year.  The pilot scheme was developed after we commissioned some independent research that showed using video calling to speak to friends and families is very widespread now and that 66% of customers believe being able to see a customer service agent would help resolve their queries more quickly.

The initial trial will last for three months, and video chat will be offered to some customers who have questions about their bill, need tariff information, would like to resolve complaints or would like to speak to an energy expert about their energy use and get help with energy efficiency to keep bills down.

There are 20 customer service agents, based in our Leeds and Southampton contact centres who have volunteered for specialist training to take part in this cutting-edge trial.

We really hope that online face-to-face contact will not only make our support and advice as transparent as possible, but will also allow us to add an even more personal touch to the service we offer our customers.

British Gas is leading the way to rebuild trust in the energy sector by using technology to explain things to customer.   Find out more details about the research and how to request a video chat  or email

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