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Simon Henderson

Strong results in BITC’s 2012 CR Index

16 March 2012 Posted by Simon Henderson, Corporate Responsibility

I’m really pleased to share with you that our commitment to corporate responsibility has been recognised again this year by Business in the Community (BITC), through its annual Corporate Responsibility (CR) Index.  Centrica retained its Platinum status from 2011 for this year’s index cycle, having completed a successful submission last year. The results compare us against our peers and help Centrica, as well as the wider industry, identify where future progress can be made in improving our social and environmental performance.  

As an energy producer, we recognise that we must operate our business responsibly and look to continuously improve the management of our social and environmental impacts. BITC’s award acknowledges that we are not only performing strongly in addressing these issues, but that we are also changing the way we do business fundamentally. Stephen Howard, Chief Executive for Business in the Community said; “I congratulate Centrica on achieving Platinum status in the 2012 BITC Corporate Responsibility Index. The CR Index has helped to highlight clearly those best practice examples that bring to life in a powerful way what integrated responsible practice really looks like’.

So, what constitutes a company going Platinum? Ranking is determined through assessment of companies’ business strategies in terms of integration and performance as well as measuring impact within the areas of community, environment, marketplace and workplace. Our Platinum status therefore recognises our board-level commitment and the integration of responsible business practices across the company. As a Platinum company, we are also recognised for our transparent reporting and stakeholder engagement - all elements of which will help us in achieving our ambition of becoming the most trusted energy company. Find out more about the results of the BITC CR Index ranking. For more on Centrica’s approach and performance, visit the responsibility page. 

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