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26 March 2015 Posted by Case study

In 2014, we continued to partner with fuel poverty charity National Energy Action (NEA) and together, we reached over 71,600 people with energy advice and assistance. 

13 August 2014 Posted by Julia Rebholz

Julia reflects on the progress made in Ignite's first year. 

26 March 2014 Posted by Matt Eastland

Making a positive impact and having strong relationships with our local communities is really important to us; it’s central to how we do business. By getting to know the needs of our local communities we can tackle some of society’s biggest social and environmental issues. 

12 November 2013 Posted by CR updates

In North America, Direct Energy is helping charitable organisations gain greater control over their energy use through Reduce Your Use For Good, a campaign which offers grants for energy saving measures and services. 

22 March 2013 Posted by Jeff Oatham

As part of National Science and Engineering Week, Jeff talks about our strong commitment to generating interest and developing skills in STEM subjects. 

20 February 2013 Posted by Kate Lemon

The Generation Green programme is looking for primary school classes to contribute to The Powerful Story – the story of energy in the past, present and future, with the winning entries featuring in a published book. 

17 January 2013 Posted by CR updates

British Gas has entered a new partnership with the Social Business Trust (SBT), to support the UK’s most promising social enterprises and help develop skills and employment throughout Britain. 

9 November 2012 Posted by CR updates

Through our partnership with the Engineering Development Trust, we provide meaningful experiences and support to students that enable them to pursue a career within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

19 July 2012 Posted by CR updates

Since the opening of Langage Discovery Centre in 2011, more than 1,000 students have visited the site to learn about electricity production and how to use it sustainably. 

22 June 2012 Posted by Briana Whitlock

Kate Lemon, Programme Manager for the British Gas Generation Green programme, talks about how curiosity breeds innovation and how we should channel this childhood quality into new ideas for tackling energy challenges. 

4 May 2012 Posted by CR updates

At Centrica, we focus our employee volunteering efforts in two areas: volunteering activities that have been organised by the business in collaboration with community partners, and volunteering activities that employees arrange for themselves. 

4 May 2012 Posted by Briana Whitlock

Following my recent participation in a panel event about working with key stakeholders to deliver a successful employee volunteering programme, I thought I’d update on our contributions to the discussion and our employee volunteering performance in 2011. 

1 May 2012 Posted by Simon Henderson

Simon talks about the free web app we launched a couple of weeks ago as part of our ongoing plans to use new digital channels within our corporate communications strategy. 

21 December 2011 Posted by Suzanne Edmond

Suzanne's year of discovery draws to a close - “Superstructures, North Sea Gas” is due to be broadcast in the New Year and captures the long journey which ultimately brings gas into peoples' homes. A big thank you to everyone who has been involved, both onshore and offshore, and to all the unsung heroes of the industry who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our industry a success. 

11 November 2011 Posted by Simon Henderson

In her second guest appearance, we've asked Chris Tate, Head of CR at British Gas, to share an amazing story about the dedication and community spirit of our engineers who took part in a special ‘Children in Need' edition of the popular BBC DIY SOS show to revitalise Norris Green Youth Centre in Liverpool. 

20 October 2011 Posted by Briana Whitlock

An interview with a Green Team member and Environmental Advisor on what this commitment means for us. 

17 October 2011 Posted by Suzanne Edmond

Suzanne shares her recent experience, when, with 17 others from Centrica's women's network she took up the challenge to ventured out to Africa to complete a three day trek up the Mulanje Massif. The Centrica's women's network took up this challenge to raise money for the Microloan Foundation, which empowers women in rural Africa by providing loans, mentoring and business training. 

7 July 2011 Posted by Simon Henderson

It’s a big challenge and the point made by Sam in his speech in June is that the UK energy industry is caught between volatility in the world market, commitment to carbon cuts, and our obligation as a society to ensure that energy remains affordable, just as household wealth faces its biggest squeeze in a generation. It is a very difficult circle to square – but we must ensure that consumers are made more aware of the challenges and understand their role in helping to overcome them. 

14 June 2011 Posted by Alice Gill

I am really looking forward to tomorrow's web chat on 'Wind energy in the UK: sorting facts from fiction'. We've already had some great questions in on everything from the challenges of accurate forecasting for wind demand to the energy used in the manufacture of turbines. 

3 June 2011 Posted by Alice Gill

As part of the UK's Wind Week, members of the renewables team in Centrica will be live online to answer your questions about wind energy on Wednesday 15 June. You can either submit them live on the day or send them through to us now. See to send in your questions or to sign up for a reminder. 

31 May 2011 Posted by Alice Gill

During the second week of May, I was at Glens of Foudland onshore wind farm, where we hosted some students - school age as well as postgraduates. The weather was perfect, and we had some fantastic questions. I'm looking forward to the next education week in September. 

9 May 2011 Posted by Alice Gill

There are a number of schools and universities planning to visit this week to find out more about why we need wind energy, how we turn the wind into electricity, operating a wind farm and how it shares its land with the cows. So fingers crossed that the weather will be nice... but windy! 

21 April 2011 Posted by Briana Whitlock

I thought it might be interesting fill you in on some of the ways we're helping to enhance education - through schools in the communities where we operate. We're aiming to inspire young people from an early age by sharing practical experiences of science in action. 

13 April 2011 Posted by Briana Whitlock

Collecting community data helps us to gauge what best to do next with our programmes and partnerships, and to begin to understand some of their long-term impacts. In 2010, we worked to update our community data collection processes. 

16 March 2011 Posted by Simon Henderson

This week is National Science and Engineering Week, which aims to show how science is related to everyday life. We are also doing our part to make science accessible with a new Discovery Centre for children at our power station in Langage, Devon. 

10 December 2010 Posted by Simon Henderson

Guest blogger, Christine Tate, Head of Corporate Responsibility at British Gas, discusses what the price rise means for our more vulnerable customers and provides details of useful contacts and resources. 

29 November 2010 Posted by Simon Henderson

Last week, Centrica was recognised for the third time in a row as one of the best companies in the world for employees aged over 50. 

13 October 2010 Posted by Simon Henderson

British Gas has £15m worth of solar panels waiting to be donated and installed through the mySolar School programme 

20 July 2010 Posted by Simon Henderson

You may have seen coverage recently of our research on installing solar panels on Britain's religious buildings. We have estimated that churches and other religious buildings could raise £34 million. 

13 April 2010 Posted by Jeff Oatham

The 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report is in its final stages and will soon be released on the website. There are a few new features to explore with the Report. 

10 February 2010 Posted by Simon Henderson

Encouraging a lower carbon approach to energy usage among customers is not simply about providing the right products and services. There is a huge amount of work done by industry, consumer interest groups and government to develop the market frameworks for new technologies and to build up the processes required to incentivise uptake by consumers. One recent example is the feed-in tariff. 

18 January 2010 Posted by Simon Henderson

Today marks the launch of our Green Streets community initiative, where 14 communities will compete to reduce their energy usage and carbon emissions over the next year. Green streets ties community investment and the environmental agenda into the heart of our strategic development. 

25 November 2009 Posted by Simon Henderson

Much to my surprise and frustration, an article was published in the Guardian today that listed British Gas as one of the companies failing to respond to the lead set by the Government in carbon emissions reduction. 

19 November 2009 Posted by Simon Henderson

Bursting with questions about ground source heat pumps? Worrying about how you can change your energy using habits? Not convinced energy companies are that bothered about climate change? If you have an opinion or a question on things to do with climate change and energy companies, let us know. We've lined up some experts to answer in a live web chat on Friday 11 December. 

21 October 2009 Posted by Katie Alloway

A report by the Energy Saving Trust has found that children in Britain are the worst in Europe for switching off lights and saving electricity. 

31 July 2009 Posted by Simon Henderson

An update on our employee 'Giving Weekends', in which a total of 1,260 employees gave over 10,700 man hours to help out at 323 different projects across the country free of charge. 

26 June 2009 Posted by Simon Henderson

Much of our community activity programme is run via our "Get Involved" programme, a resource for employees who want to be matched up with opportunities to volunteer in the community or provide support through initiatives such as fundraising or payroll giving. 

16 June 2009 Posted by Simon Henderson

What does corporate responsibility mean? Do most people care? And should we drop the term 'corporate responsibility' altogether? 

4 June 2009 Posted by Simon Henderson

You may have seen that we held a live web chat recently to give people a chance to question us on our CR report and current strategy. Our CR Committee Chairman Mary Francis led the web chat and we typed our way through 26 questions on everything from nuclear power to social tariffs. We are continually seeking new ways to engage with stakeholders on a range of issues. 

19 May 2009 Posted by Simon Henderson

Our CR report is published and available and contains aa huge amount of information on our strategy and performance. But if you'd rather be actively engaged in CR debates and challenge Centrica on our approach, we've got an idea you might be interested in...