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Eva Malecki

Eva Malecki

Graduate Recruitment Manager

My role as Graduate Recruitment Manager involves all aspects of recruitment for both the Graduate and the award winning Summer Placement programme across all streams. We currently recruit around 150 students and graduates to join Centrica in Engineering, Subsurface, HS&E, Finance, IS, HR, Customer Operations, Analyst and Marketing.

My role covers the breadth of recruitment and selection. I look at how best to market our opportunities to attract the highest calibre of applicants to Centrica, which involves amongst other things working closely with our current graduates who form our campus teams and university careers services to ensure that we are represented at various universities across the UK. One day I could be doing a presentation in front of 50 students and another I could be presenting the football team with sponsorship.

I am also responsible for the design of the recruitment website, brochure, exhibition stand and printed materials. Ensuring that our applicant flow and recruitment process are carefully managed so that we are recruiting from a broad range of sources and that the quality of applicant is achieved to recruit the talent needed for our business is also an important part of my role. I am told the number of graduates and summer placement students that the business needs in order to train and develop them into potential future leaders, and it is my responsibility to work with my colleagues to ensure that we recruit this number.

Another big part of my role is the onboarding and keeping the students and graduates that we hire engaged in our company. I need to make sure that the new hires are kept up to date with company news and that they have all the information which they require to kick-start their career. I need to make sure that our students and graduates feel comfortable to be able to ask any questions in order to help them settle in quickly to their new role.

Overall, what I love the most about Centrica is that no two days are the same. Centrica’s workforce consists of people who are very forward thinking and love what they do and the company they work for.

Outside of work, I am continuously trying to become a regular gym visitor. All goes well for a week or two and then the dreaded diversion happens, where I will do whatever I can do so as not to go to the gym! Also, I do love the sun and so will ensure that I get outside and make the most of the British summer or jet off on holiday whenever I can.

I look forward to catching up with you soon.